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Wir beantworten die wichtigsten Fragen im Zusammenhang mit Haartransplantation in der Türkei.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so there is no pain. Some patients may only feel slight pressure, but this is not unpleasant. Regeneration is also painless. However, if the patient wishes, treatment under twilight sleep is also possible.

The number of grafts refers to the hair roots to be transplanted. A hair root has about 2-3 individual hairs, so with 2500 transplanted grafts, about 5000-7500 new individual hairs grow.

After about 12 to 14 weeks after the procedure, the hair grows back.

From a medical point of view, hair transplantation is possible at practically any age. Still, from a moral and ethical point of view, the treating physician will first focus his attention on the triggers of hair loss. This can usually be treated well in young people, and the hair continues to grow naturally after puberty. In some instances (e.g., hair loss caused by accident), doctors also perform surgery on younger patients.

Our patients do not have to expect any additional costs other than those listed on our site. Our complete package includes all prices for the necessary expenses for hair transplantation and the stay in Istanbul. Care products are also included in this package.

You can color the transplanted hair just like your other hair. You can treat them the same as other hair.

You can use styling products such as hair gel or hair spray again after 3 months. It is also recommended to wait at least 3 months with cutting, blow-drying, and even tinting.

The hair from the donor area is healthy and, therefore, genetically not affected by hair loss. They will, therefore, continue to grow healthy and not fall out in the recipient area. Hair transplantation is, consequently, permanent.

The hair will not grow back when it was taken because it is removed with its root. However, they continue to grow in the area where they were inserted. The absence of the removed hair is generally not noticeable because the right surgeon removes the hair so regularly that the removal is not visible in the donor area.

In our clinic, we use the FUE method, a minimally invasive procedure; therefore, the regeneration time is short. Already during the first week after the treatment, the crusts fall off. However, it is recommended to go back to work approximately 10 days after the procedure, as the regeneration process can also be prolonged, so the hair transplant's success should not be jeopardized. It also depends on the type of work and whether it is accompanied by physical strain. Especially activities that are physically very strenuous and where you sweat a lot should be avoided in the first weeks. It is also essential for many of our patients that hair transplantation after the healing process is not visible at first sight.

During menopause, women stop producing estrogen in the ovaries, which causes the testosterone level to rise. If there is less estrogen, the hair and nails are also less nourished. Women can, therefore, suffer from androgenetic hair loss during menopause. A hair transplant is the right way of reversing this.

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