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In addition to hair transplants, our clinic also offers the option of beard and eyebrow transplants.

Hair transplant in our clinic

In our clinic, in Istanbul, you will receive professional hair transplants at optimal prices. Hair transplants are performed using the most modern techniques under strictly tested procedures and in compliance with European regulations.

Our experts have many years of experience in hair transplantation and support you during the entire treatment period in Turkey. With our all-round carefree package, you are therefore excellently advised. You can always rely on the support of our team of experts.

General information about hair transplantation:


Manual FUE technique of
Hair Transplantation

The FUE method (Follicular unit extraction) is an extraction of follicular units to treat falling hair. In the manual FUE method, the hair specialist extracts individual grafts (follicular units consisting of 1 to 4 hair follicles) from the donor area at the head's back using a hollow needle. At the end of the head, hairs are genetically designed not to fall out, making them ideal for hair transplantation.

Before the hair is removed, the hair structure of the patient and the hair density, the hairline, the scalp and the growth direction of the hair are examined in detail by the specialist.

In the following step, local anesthesia is applied to both areas - on the one hand, where the hair is taken and, on the other hand, inserted. Afterward, the specialist removes the individual grafts and, in the meantime, stores them in a specially designed nutrient solution so that they can be revitalized, and growth is stimulated even more. The individual grafts are then inserted with a needle into the previously exposed recipient area.

FUE technology with the micromotor

In the FUE method with the micromotor, there is no manual removal of hair. Still, the hair is removed with an instrument called a micromotor.

In this method, both areas, the donor area, and the head's recipient area, must be anesthetized. The only difference with the manual process is that the hair is removed with a micromotor and not manually with a needle. However, the hair follicles are also inserted here without a micromotor.

The following advantages are obtained by this method:

Sapphire blade technique of hair transplantation

Another innovative method, which you can obtain in our clinic, is the so-called sapphire blade technique. In this technique, the channels are exposed to a particular instrument called a sapphire blade.

With the sapphire blade technique, the blades used are made of sapphire stone and not, as is usually the case, of regular steel blades. This allows the channels in the scalp to be inserted even finer and closer together.

This method also has the particular advantage that there is no irritation of the surrounding hair follicles. This property is especially important at the beginning of hair loss when there are still many scalp hairs.

The following advantages are obtained by this method:

PRP treatment after hair transplantation

PRP treatment is an innovative procedure that offers many application possibilities. With this treatment, hair loss can be stopped, and brittle and weak hair can be strengthened again.

After hair transplantation, a PRP treatment is suitable for strengthening the transplanted hair and accelerating its regeneration.

In this method, the patient is injected with blood plasma taken from his blood. PRP consists of numerous proteins and has high growth factors, which positively influences a hair transplant's success.

Stem cell therapy

One of the most innovative therapeutic methods currently available is stem cell therapy, in which stem cells are taken from the patient's fat. Stem cell therapy can also be used to support hair transplants. Especially concerning genetically caused hair loss, this method can positively affect success.

The stem cells, which are first taken from the body's fat cells and extracted by special procedures, are injected into the treated areas. This stimulates the collagen synthesis. Also, they have an anti-inflammatory effect and accelerate the regeneration of the tissue after the treatment.

Anesthesia methods (Dermojet, twilight sleep)

Painless anesthesia
The pain of hair transplantation is caused by the anesthetic injected under the skin. With the use of new DERMOJET procedures, there is no more pain.

With the DERMOJET pressure injector, the anesthetic can be injected under the skin using overpressure without needles and, therefore, painless. The patient, therefore, suffers no pain during the treatment.

Twilight sleep during the treatment

 Putting the patient into a twilight sleep state is another method of performing hair transplantation without pain. Most customers know this from visits to the dentist. Before any of this type of treatment, the patient naturally receives detailed consultation and information. With this method, the patient gets a painkiller and a sedative or sleeping pill from our expert anesthetist. This is not a general anesthetic. The patient is in a calm and stress-free twilight sleep during which he/she breathes independently.

Growth course of the transplanted hair

The loss and growth phases of transplanted hair.

Within three months after the treatment, the transplanted hair falls out for the first time. From the fourth month onwards, the hairs slowly grow back. All in all, the hair needs twelve months to develop ultimately.

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