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Für uns als Hair Esthetics steht die Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden an erster Stelle. Wir wollen immer die bestmöglichen Ergebnisse erzielen und unsere Patienten mit konstanter, exzellenter Leistung überzeugen. 

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The satisfaction of our customers has the highest priority in our clinic. We want to deliver the best results and convince our patients with professional performance. The lasting success of hair transplantation is the focus of our treatment.


Three-phase model of hair transplantation

In our clinic, we follow the three-phase model for the performance of hair transplants. This enables us to coordinate and plan the procedure in detail from start to finish.

First phase: Extraction

In der ersten Phase werden die Grafts (den Gewebeteilen) von unseren auf die Haartransplantation spezialisierten Experten entnommen.

Second phase: Channeling

In the second phase, the channels for the removed grafts are exposed. This phase is the most important one for successful hair transplantation; thus, it is significantly influenced here. The aim here is to achieve a natural and aesthetic result.

Third phase: Implantation

In the third phase, the grafts are implanted. The tissue parts are inserted into the created canals by our specialists. Time is an essential factor in implantation because the more time is needed for the implantation, the more the risk of death for the hair increases. Therefore, the implantation is carried out by experts in this one specialty, which is why the implantation is carried out professionally and carefully.

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