Preparation and arrival

Pack your suitcase carefully before departure: Please take outer clothing that is easy to put on (shirt, top with zipper).

What you have to pay attention to before you start your journey

Before departure, please make sure to pack your suitcase accordingly. Bring outer clothing that is easy to put on (shirt, top with zipper).
It is essential not to take any blood-thinning medication such as "Aspirin" before the operation. If you have to take one for health reasons, please inform your surgeon before leaving and before the procedure!

If you are taking other medications, please let us know before leaving and telling your surgeon again before the operation. On the day of the treatment, the hair must be at least 4-5 mm long to be able to determine the direction of growth of your hair optimally. For this reason, please do not cut your hair just before the operation. After the consultation, your hair will be shorn by our experts.

The surgeon can recommend applying the products containing the active ingredients finasteride and minoxidil to you on-site based on your hair structure. However, a purchase is not mandatory; it is only a recommendation.
Note: A doctor in Germany must prescribe the substance finasteride!

Smoking and drinking behavior before and after hair transplantation

Regardless of whether it is cigarettes, e-cigarettes, shisha, or alcoholic beverages - 14 days before and 7 days after the hair transplant, you should NEVER smoke OR drink alcohol. Please follow these instructions so that the hair transplant result is not affected. After the transplantation, the good blood supply is essential. If the patient smokes after the procedure, the tissue's oxygen tension will decrease, and wound healing will be impaired. As a result, the recovery of the inflammatory processes wound contraction, fibroblast proliferation, collagen synthesis, and the lowering of vitamin C levels are disturbed. This increases the risk of infection because the wounds are not adequately supplied with healing enzymes.

Your flight ticket

You do not necessarily have to print out the ticket. It is sufficient to show your identity card/passport at the check-in counter of the respective airline. However, you should have the flight booking number (PNR) of the respective airline with you. This number consists of a 6-digit combination of numbers and letters, and you will find it in your booking confirmation from your airline.
• Instructions on how to find the PNR:

Your checklist

• Check ID cards or passports for expiration date and pack them with
• If necessary: apply for a visa at
• Take an extended flight booking number (PNR)
• Necessary: Inform our clinic in Germany on your cell phone number
• Store the cell phone number of Mrs. Asya Halicilar and Mr. Emrah Bursali
• Wrap means of payment (in cash and Euro). You can take up to 10.000 Euro tax-free and unannounced into Turkey
• Pack a shirt so that you can change clothes after the operation
• Recommendation: Check if you are sufficiently vaccinated
• Recommendation: Take out international health insurance if you do not have it yet!

Arrival in Turkey

Our chauffeur will pick you up from the airport. After you have picked up your luggage, go to the exit. In the "Meeting Lounge" (see photo), you register with your name. Then our shuttle service will pick you up. Your attendant is Ms. Asya Halicilar, who will meet you. Please switch on your cell phone immediately after landing in Istanbul so that Ms. Halicilar can call you if necessary. In case you cannot find the Meeting Lounge, please contact us, and we will take care of it.

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